The Haunting of Bly Manor: An Unexpected Love Story

As per its name, this show is part of the Haunting installments. So, most people watch it for the daunting, creepy scenes. But little do they know; this show will leave its watchers in lovestruck awe.

In the first couple of episodes, the watcher is entertained by the inexplicable and slightly terrifying events happening at Bly Manor. We meet an American au pair (nanny), a cook, a housekeeper, a groundskeeper, and the two children who live there. We find out that the children’s parents had died, and their uncle doesn’t live with them; instead, he hires an au pair to watch over them. Throughout the show, we learn more about all of the people who have been to Bly Manor. Through the twisted storytelling, camera work, and scores, the watcher is engulfed in this story.

Distracted by the chilling episodes, though, the watcher is entirely unaware of the romance that is to come. The watcher overlooks the covert glances between the au pair and the groundskeeper. We ignore the chemistry between the two, passing it off as just friendliness. The groundskeeper even comforts the au pair when she is in a frantic state. Eventually, the watcher is made aware of the au pair’s feelings just as she comes to terms with them.

Now, we are following the original story of the manor while rooting for this romance. Typically, we would expect a bone-chilling ending that a horror story would give, but now that prediction is overrun by the hope of this romance succeeding.

As the au pair deals with the problem at Bly Manor, the watcher is relieved. It is now believed that the story is over. Happily ever after? Not at all. The narrator continues the story, speaking about how the au pair and the groundskeeper continue their romance. The couple moves in together, and they seem happy, but the au pair still feels not safe. So, she leaves the groundskeeper heartbroken.

The last thing we learn in this show is that the narrator is the groundskeeper. She was prompted to tell this story after being asked to say to ghost story. The last line is someone saying, “This wasn’t a ghost story; it was a love story.”

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