The City of Angels: A Coronavirus Hotspot

Updated: Jan 25

In May Los Angeles had a relatively low death toll (2,000) for its population size in comparison to other cities nationwide. However the city’s overcrowded neighborhoods and L.A county’s delay in instating at home orders, soon wore effects on the spread of the virus.

Today according to county public health data, an average of 10 people test positive for the virus every minute. According to the Los Angeles Department of Health Services, almost 3 million people in Los Angeles County have contracted COVID-19 since last year, which is three times more than what is currently reported.

According to county public health data, one person dies from the Coronavirus every six minutes. Hospitals are currently overwhelmed with patients and ICU beds will remain in short supply for the next four weeks however, the county will have enough ventilators to support sick patients.

Last week the county averaged to a total of 15,000 new cases everyday. With hospitals like the South Bay, Memorial Hospital of Gardena operating past capacity (320 percent), ambulances are no longer transporting people who have little to none chances of survival.

The transmission rates of the virus within L.A county are so high that on Jan. 11 health officials warned residents to wear masks within their homes if they live with some who is susceptible to catching COVID.

The surge in cases began in November of last year, shortly after private gatherings were permitted and personal care services reopened, health officials explain.

Please remember to wear your masks and practice social distancing. Stay safe.


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