Texas, Mississippi, and Other Southern States Lift Covid Restrictions

As the pandemic we are all facing rages on, some lawmakers have been striving for efforts to destroy our efforts to reach our so greatly desired herd immunity. The goal of course being to be able to vaccinate the majority of the general public before the dreaded Covid-19 variants begin to spread rapidly. As it currently stands, the United States is doing good for itself, with decreases in hospitalizations and decreases in the amount of those dying from Covid for the past 2 weeks. However, many experts suggest that returning to “normality”, a world without social distancing or mask is a move too bold and could lead to serious repercussions.

Governor of Texas Greg Abbott is quoted as saying “I just announced Texas is OPEN 100%... EVERYTHING...I also ended the statewide mask mandate” These careless actions put millions of people’s lives at risk. Not only does it risk increasing the number of Covid-19 related deaths, but it actively helps the now-infamous Covid variants spread faster. This action alone will not directly cause mass deaths, however without a firm authority to follow, most will follow the Governor’s careless decision and not wear masks.

The irony of the situation is Gov. Abbott had waited almost 3 months to finally tentatively sign off on a statewide mask mandate, and now, his state is one of the first to remove their restrictions and attempt to return to normality.

Similarly, Mississippi’s governor Tate Reeves has also publicly remarked that he will be repealing all covid restrictions within the following days as well. The governor has shyly and conveniently stated publicly that he is only replacing the order with “recommendations”. Do take into consideration that the only orders that are remaining the same are for Public K-12 schools.

Many Republican lawmakers and governors from other states have cited quotes from studies showing that data trends are on the decline. Also somewhere mentioning that vaccine availability is increasing, but many lower-class communities are finding it increasingly difficult to book appointments and receive the life-saving shot. This is the final stretch before we can finally return to what life used to be like. These careless and foolish actions are allowing us to slip back into the realm of virtual, socially distanced life.


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