Substance Abuse Meetings Now Online Due to COVID-19

Substance abuse is a serious issue, and unfortunately, it is quite common. Many support systems are many support systems help to get better. Substance abuse meetings are when individuals with substance abuse issues can share their experiences and troubles with others who have the same problems. These meetings are usually held where everyone can converse face to face and talk things out with one another. However, due to the Covid-19, these meetings are no longer in person but online.

Due to social distancing guidelines that must be followed due to the pandemic, those who suffer from substance abuse may isolate themselves, worsening their condition. Partnership to end addiction released information about how to improve their situation and what online services were available.

However, they also mention, “The social distancing that is required during this COVID-19 outbreak has put a strain on families impacted by addiction. Self-imposed isolation can disconnect us from the very tools that keep us resilient and strong, making us vulnerable to fear.”

This adds to the fact that these people need that extra interaction to grow and support each other. Sharing their experiences, experiencing others emotions, and having one on one attention does not provide the same consolation through a screen as it does in person.

The addiction center released an article explaining how, due to COVID-19 circumstances those who suffer from substance abuse can often relapse and revert, their old ways.

They state, “ ‘Social support and active involvement in the program both play a huge role in recovery… In the absence of these, ‘isolation’ and ‘emotional distress’ can be significant ‘triggers’ to relapse’ ”

This shows that these people need social interaction to be able to continue to improve. When they have online meetings they are not getting the same social business