Police Raid COVID-19 Whistleblower’s Home

On the morning of Monday, December 7th, state police raided the house of Rebekah Jones, a former worker for the Florida Department of Health, and seized all of her computer equipment.

She was fired from her position as a geographic information system manager in the Department of Health’s (DOH) Division of Disease Control and Health Protection in May. This was due to her accusing the department of data manipulation. She is suspected of hacking into an emergency communications system and sending an email to an emergency public health and medical coordination team saying, “Speak up before another 17,000 people are dead. You know this is wrong. You don’t have to be a part of this. Be a hero. Speak out before it’s too late.”

The email reportedly came from her IP address. Due to this, the police were given a search warrant for their subsequent raid. Jones has adamantly denied these allegations and has said that the raid was simply an attempt by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis to silence her. Up until the raid, Jones had been running her website, which provided data regarding COVID-19.

Following the raid, Jones shared a post on Twitter saying, “If DeSantis thought pointing a gun in my face was a good way to get me to shut up, he's about to learn just how wrong he was. I'll have a new computer tomorrow. And then I'm going to get back to work.”

The Tuesday after the raid, Ron Filipowski, a member of the 12th Circuit Judicial Nomination Commission, resigned from his position, calling the raid of Jones’ home “unconscionable.” He had previously been assigned to the position by Governor DeSantis and had been a critic of President Donald Trump, a close ally of the Governor.