Poem: Stolen Glances and Secret Romances

Stolen glances

secret romances

and jokes only you knew

Secret rendezvous

out by the bleachers

“Just friends”

That’s what they said

Skipping classes

Late-night whispers

Sneaking out her

White picket fences

Endless lectures

But he couldn’t listen

Stuck together

Now and ever

That’s just what they thought

Young lover’s oblivion

Here to eternity

Wedding bells and carriages

But it was just a high school love

Turned into high school gossip

Whispers in the back seats of bleachers

And everyone had a story

That she couldn’t buy him

With her daddy’s money

And now he’s fallen in love with her

Her picture taped in his locker

Wearing her prom queen crown

her perfect story

The smile was the way she rehearsed it

Head pressed against these

Dirty windows

Wearing some old Crinkled t-shirt

Worn out sneakers

All I had were these flimsy pieces

Of a torn-up letter from 2007

I guess they were really right

Love was for the rich


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