Pandemic Hits Non-Profits

Updated: Dec 18, 2020

The pandemic has affected non-profits tremendously as they struggle to keep up with donations amid economic restraints and garner enough volunteers with social distancing policies in place. Alina Delgado, the founder of Florida Venture Foundation (FVF), is among the many chief executives facing such obstacles at this time.

Founded in 1988, the mission of FVF is to create “Strategies for success” and to aid local businesses by collecting government and private contracts, and by supporting members of the community so that they may be self-sufficient. It is such efforts that have led to FVF’s 2006 Minority Chamber of Commerce Community Champion of the Year award and the 2003 LBA Community Outreach Organization of the Year award.

Through the company’s YouthBuild program, they encourage students to stay in school and supply those students who are less fortunate with the necessities for their classes. In addition, FVF helps students by assisting them with placement in job training and apprenticeship programs and by providing vocational and technical training in construction-related trades such as plumbing and roofing, although, because of COVID-19, certain programs are not receiving enough funding, making their future uncertain.

The Outreach program serves to guide and educate small and minority owned firms and businesses that would otherwise be neglected, on a path to securing contracts within the community. Through their services, FVF aims to help such firms develop significant business relationships with large corporations, local municipalities and state and federal


Mrs. Delgado explained that one of FVF’s main difficulties during this time has been securing funds. To combat such repercussions, FVF has had “different fundraising events” and said issues have tried to be resolved through social media campaigns.

While this is a hard time for everyone, it is essential to reach out to the community in any way we can. If you wish to donate to FVF, call 305.444.9461, and to learn more about the organization, visit Florida Venture Foundation (

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