NASA Perseverance Mars Rover Lands On Mars

The first photo captured by NASA’s Perseverance rover during its descent on Feb.18, 2021.

On Feb.18, NASA’s Perseverance rover successfully landed on Mars and sent back its first images. The rover has now sent the first-ever sounds recorded from the surface of the planet.

NASA launched the rover on July 20, 2020. After traveling nearly 300 million miles and accomplishing a seven-minute-long landing, the rover can begin its mission to find evidence of past microbial life in what remains of an ancient lake on Mars.

The audio captured by Perseverance’s two microphones is one of a kind. In one clip a faint buzzing is heard in the background, which came from the rover itself. In another clip, a low growl from a gust of wind was picked up by one of the microphones. These are the first sounds recorded from Mars’ surface.

Dave Gruel, who is the lead engineer for Perseverance microphone and camera subsystem, explained that as the rover continues its mission it will record more sounds from Mars.

Since Feb. 18 the Perseverance team has been stabilizing the rover’s power, thermal system, and communication system. The rover’s antenna has been aimed toward Earth in order to supply back all data that it gathers.

NASA will continue to inform the public on all discoveries made by Perseverance during the mission’s span.


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