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2021 Women's Fashion Predictions

History repeats itself, time and time again, especially on the runway. I saw this trend on TikTok and I thought it would be cool to bring this to a format like this.

I’ve seen trends from the 60s all the way to 2000s mimic and repeat themselves and I’m so excited to share some specifics trends I think will take off in 2021.

I’m aware some of these are already somewhat popular but I personally think that some of these trends in 2021 are going to become much more mainstream.

Mary Jane’s

With the rise of shows like Bridgerton, I predict a vintage influence on modern fashion will happen. I feel like these shoes have a perfect medium between modern and a vintage feel.

I found these shoes out for the first time when watching Skins UK. During the second episode Cassie dances on a park bench when a shot lingers on her gold Mary Jane heels and I fell in love.

Now I can’t find any gold Mary Janes this shoe can be found in a multitude of other colors such as:

Different colored tights

It is very much possible to dress up in colorful tights and not have people look at you like you are a couple months late to Halloween. I feel like this trend will be popping up more because of bold fashion has gotten lately.

We have seen bold jackets, shoes, pants, and now I feel like the next thing will be tights. I love when worn with a neutral top and bottom, and then a bold matching colored bag, or glasses.

It looks so fun and high fashion and can’t believe it’s not a mainstream thing already.

Go-go boots

I didn’t tell my friend I was writing this and on FaceTime out of nowhere she started to say how much she loved Go-go boots and that’s when I knew I had to include it in this article. Go-Go boots started as a work boot and then in 1964 a French fashion designer started a white scheme collection with miniskirts, monochronic palettes, and these tall, flat- heeled boots. As it got more popular in the sixties it became standard for every teenage girl to wear them.

There are variations of the go-go boot still in the closets of women every day, but I feel like this year the original silhouette will go back in style. The iconic boot is wearable with most outfit and can be made a statement piece by making them a fun color.

“When I am independent women living in my New York/England apartment you will find wearing Go-go boots everywhere” – my facetime friend

Flared/Boot-cut pants

In late 2020 “Flared yoga pants” aka yoga pants got mainstream again with the help of Emma Chamberlain.

In 2021 I feel like the silhouette will become more popular in other style pants such as jeans. I love Bootcut style jeans personally because I feel like in the modern age they are less dramatic bell bottom like and more lowkey.

They come out beautifully and frame your legs and shoes and a cool dynamic way. For Spring-Summer 2020 collection, fashion houses like Céline and Paco Rabanne included the silhouette in their looks, I think this was a prediction for how this silhouette will leave 2020 high fashion and will become 2021 high fashion.

Mini skirts

Mini skirts are coming back and there is nothing you can do about it!

While researching about these miniskirts I found a lot of articles that start with a title “something you should purge in closet if it’s still there” or many “early 2000s things we are glad left and all right coming back” list. I am so sorry, but you are about to be greatly disappointed because these are definitely coming back.

By early 2000’s miniskirts I mean the skirts that stop about midway or one fourth of the way down with the crease and then start pleaded after that.

I absolutely love this style of miniskirts. they look cute with any fabric and have such a nostalgic but fashionable vibe to them. I’d love to pair this skirt with a crop top or in early 2000s style a baby Tee.

I can’t wait to see how other style it as hopefully gets more popularity throughout the year.


We saw them with the Vivian Westwood Pearl necklaces, pearls are coming back. The thing about pearls is that imitation pearls look pretty similar to the real thing.

If you didn’t already know the Vivienne Westwood pearl necklace is made out of imitation pearl and the real necklaces comes with a hefty price because of how cool they look.

I feel like pearl on shoes, clothing, and of course jewelry will become way more mainstream.

Of course, pearls have always been popular, but I feel like they have either been popular within an older crowd or someone who grew up with a family that passed down their liking of pearls. Also, I feel like pearls usually were worn in just jewelry.

Like a lot of people, I’ve always felt that pearls look a little too grandma for me but this year I feel like this will change. I feel like pearls will be putting items in more of a modern way that will make any outfit have a little bit of a classier feel.

The Vivian Westwood necklaces showed that mainstream public can loves pearls if modernized. In 2021 pearls will definitely be more popularized and in more items in innovative ways.

Elevated bodices

For the longest time I thought Bodices were the same thing as a Corset but with a little research I learned that the official name of what I liked, Bodices!

Corsets are more structured with steel bones and they are a bit more dangerous because of how they are structured. Bodices on the other hand are more flexible and have nowhere near enough power do any harm with proper wear. (i.e., don’t get them 5 sizes too small)

Bodices are a little bit different than things like waste trainers because they’re supposed to fit fitted but they’re not supposed to be tight. What I’m talking about is a fashion accessory and not anything related to fitness and health.

Now that we got that out of the way bodices are definitely goanna become way more popular than they were in 2020 in 2021. I feel like they did have sort of a moment in 2020 but they will truly shine this year. More elevated bodices designs will come with more designers putting in more effort as they saw how we could have a lot of potential in 2020.

They could be worn over a dress or large t-shirt to highlight more of the body’s silhouette. They can be worn as the top themselves or have a ‘corseted’ Fit around the stomach.

You can really have a lot of fun with it and I feel like designers can really have a lot of fun with it as well, it will definitely be having its comeback.

Colorful mascara

I first found out about the option of wearing colorful mascara on the day-to-day on TikTok. Last year I saw a couple TikTok ‘s talking about how putting a colorful mascara can help your eye color pop more, like for example putting on a Burgundy color can help brown eyes.

Now this got me thinking of how colorful mascara can be worn as an interesting statement, like if you’re wearing a white top with green pants and white shoes for example you can pair it with green mascara.

The thing about color mascara is that they aren’t actually that shocking or noticeable unless you really cake it on or you’re standing direct sunlight. It can be really a pop of color that can be so wearable.

I just feel like this is such a fun way to add a piece of your outfit and it should definitely be more done.

Now because of how colored mascara got more on people ‘s radar because of TikTok, I feel like in 2021 it’s going to be showed in a lot more make up and fashion videos.

Elevated sequins

I wrote about sequins in my one of my articles about Halloween and I’ll be writing about it again. Now I definitely do think that sequins can be used for Halloween and for fun events, but elevated sequins can be used on piece of clothing that you use every day.

The first example of this trend was in 2020 when everyone went crazy for the strawberry dress. I feel like even though it was glitter, it was a state of elevated glitter and it definitely had some shared elements with sequins.

I also saw this brand “DYSPENA” come up with some amazing elevated sequins pieces that are pioneers in in this market.

I did hear that glitter pants were going to be a thing this year, but I definitely think that this is way more wearable and way cuter.

Opera Gloves

Opera gloves are a dramatic red-carpet trend that I feel will become mainstream with the public this year.

We see this dramatic and sophisticated accessory with celebrities in events like the Oscars all the time but in 2020 something changed. Opera gloves made a very exciting come back with winter coats that make it very promising that’ll be found a way to be incorporated into 2021 closets.

A picture I saw of Blake lively in the 2019 British fashion awards showcases how easy it is to incorporate this accessory with modern clothing.

I’ve seen a handful of designers such as Gucci, Valentino, and Cos create their own pair of opera gloves that can be dressed up formal or casual. Normally, I wouldn’t like any sort of branded items, but these gloves are so cute and fashionable.

Cowboy boots

I’ve seen a lot of cowgirl boots that have the classic western silhouette but have a modern design like tie-dye (like the one Bella Hadid was wearing) or some sort of drawing on them. While I do like those, I don’t think those will be that trendy this year.

Something that I do think will become trendy this year is Cowgirl boots that have the classic white and black color or any one colored boot.

At summer camp this year I saw someone wearing white boots with brown cow print and a white dress. I thought it looked amazing and it inspired this prediction.

I think that cowgirl boots worn with athleisure like Kendall Jenner is with the sweat suit will be popular among celebrities while cowgirl boots in general worn with dresses, jeans, skirts, etc. will become more mainstream and worn within the public.

Jean-Paul Gaultier mesh/screen printed style shirts

The first time I ever heard of the brand Jean Paul Gaultier was when I saw Bella Hadid wearing a navy crewneck with the brands logo on top. I didn’t know what it was or who they were, but I saw the brand name.

Then I started seeing some transparent like dresses and shirts on celebrities by this brand on Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, Narmani, Sza, Rihanna, and many more celebrities.

Finally. I started to see on TikTok fashion pages talk about their clothing pieces and I definitely get the hype.

On Shein I saw a transparent top that reminded me of that style and when Shein does something you know that it’s becoming trendy.

Even though this had a little bit of momentum in 2020 I think it will completely blow up in 2021 and not just this designer but this style of clothing.

Thank you for reading this. I personally love all these trends and if they don’t all come I will be very sad. Hope you have had a good start on your new years and make sure too look ahead for any new fashion trends.