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Guide to Halloween Costumes 2020

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

You walk into any Halloween party and what do you see? Every girl wearing some form of crop top, short skirt, and air forces. If were feeling creative a little glitter and fake blood.

Now Let’s be honest were all guilty of doing one of these but why not try to get a little creative and get a photo that won’t be lost in everyone’s feed.

Every year there is always that stress of finding a costume for Halloween parties that usually start weeks before Halloween itself. Deciding what to wear, where to get it, and who to dress up as can be stressful and unnecessarily complicated. Here are some essentials and fun costumes that you can do alone or with a group to stand out this Halloween this year.

Now first let’s talk essentials, these are clothing items that you can use for Halloween or any themed party throughout the year.

Now the key to these items is versatility, all these items come in multiple colors making them perfect for group costumes as everyone can be a different color but still looked unified.

All of these items are statement pieces, so they go well will a white or black bottom or top.

First let’s talk about sequin tassel skirt. This goes perfect with any theme and everyone will be asking where you got it.

And if you been anywhere on TikTok you would have seen a Sequin Butterfly top that caught my eye the second I saw it.

The top is amazing for a group as everyone could go as butterflies but also as a solo costume with white jeans, shorts, or skirt.

Basically, anything sequins is a good costume. You can pair a

sequin crop top and a sequins mini skirt, and it can automatically become a cute costume. The best part about these is because they don’t scream Halloween you can use these throughout the year for example you can pair the silver sequins skirt with a red top and a Santa hat and now you are perfectly dressed for a Christmas party.

Space cowgirl/Alien

This is already one of the biggest costumes of 2020, to pull this off you would need any holographic set, top, or bottom. Some rhinestone, white boots, and a cowboy hat. (Let’s stay away from the pink one with the crown because it IS too basic).

Some Clothing pieces that I personally love for this costume is the

Rhinestone denim shorts from Adika and any you cannot go wrong with any holographic set or glitter from dolls kill.


This costume has so much room for creativity. This could easily be done with the sequins skirt or sparkly miniskirt, a butterfly top, and a cute pair of fairy wings with some white sneakers. Bright glittery eyeshadow and chunky glitter on the area you would apply highlight would complete this look.

Some pieces I love for this outfit is: This pair of sparkling wings and The treasure pot glitter gel from tarte for the highlight area


Now you can of course do a basic hippie costume that consist of a rainbow dress or jumpsuit, a pair of colorful sunglasses, and a matching headband But I wanted to show you how to do Donna and the dynamos from Mamma Mia.

This outfit is very easy to do and can be a great trio group costume.

A pair of flair pants or leggings, a gold belt, a white top, a jean jacket, and a gold flats. You can also add a feather boa to make this outfit pop even more.


This is easily one of my favorite costumes. This can be a great group or couples custom and the there is so many ways you can do this outfit.

My favorite superhero costume has to be superman.

This costume can be easily done with a superman shirt, white skirt or shorts, and a red boots and cape. I find this to be one of the easiest costumes to get ready in as well because it doesn’t need much hair and makeup to be recognizable.

Gold Digger

I saw this costume and the creativity was impressive, this is defiantly a costume that will get points for originality.

This is a very simple outfit that is completed by the details

You can put on a gold dress or top. For earrings a creative accessories is too order mini shovels from amazon and spray paint them gold and then attach them to small hoop earrings. You can also order money sign necklaces and construction hard hat and spray paint them Gold. Complete them with white sneakers and you’re done.

Have and stay safe this Halloween! Remember to wear a mask with these costumes and stay out of super crowded areas as much as possible to avoid spreading COVID.




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