Effects of the Presidential Debates

The United States presidential debate of 2020 has been a constant back and forth of scathing remarks between the current president, Donald J. Trump and presidential elect, Joe Biden.

Our current Commander in Chief believes wholeheartedly that fraud has been committed during the counting of mail in ballots orchestrated by the Democratic party.

With these remarks President Trump is refusing to concede the title and position pacifically. Lawsuits have been drawn up by the President’s legal team due to the results of the election. Trump has stated that “[his] mind will not change in six months”, sharing this statement via Fox News, a well known right-wing broadcasting network.

With legal matters being taken to court evidence has proved that voter fraud has not been committed by the Democratic party or Joe Biden’s team. Despite this President Trump is still refusing to concede and has stated through Twitter as well as broadcasting networks that he will not peacefully leave just for this country to fall into hands of “Sleepy Joe” a moniker given by the President himself.

A predatory move has been done by the President because although the election has been anxiety filled, good news came our way as we learn that presidential elect Joe Biden, is being allowed to begin his transition into the oval office.