Attack on Titan Finale Reaches the Masses

Updated: Dec 18, 2020

The long-awaited Attack on Titan-- Shingeki no Kyojin-- Season 4 finale has finally been released, and fans all over the world are filled with excitement. The season’s first episode was released on December 7, 2020, in Japan and was broadcasted on the Japanese public broadcast NHK General TV.

The first episode of the finale left anime-only watchers confused while manga readers could barely suppress their smiles. Attack on Titan has been a brimming success since its first season with a complex plot, excellent animation, and complex characters. The second part of the third season concluded in a massive cliff hanger that left in its wake a myriad of mysteries and questions. Thus, the most recent installment catalyzes the enormous amount of hype conjured around the last season.

The most notable difference between the first three seasons and the current one is the change of studio. The first 1-3 seasons of the Attack on Titan anime was animated by IG Port’s Wit Studio and directed by Tetsuro Araki. Partnered together, the two parties produced an exquisite anime adaption, which allowed for many non-anime watchers to step into the world of Japanese cartoons.

However, claiming that it took away from the show’s nostalgia, many had grievances regarding the swap in studios. This was later resolved when fans were satisfied with the visual magnificence of the fourth season’s introduction produced as a result of the transition of the anime adaption to the studio MAPPA.

With the impending closure of the Attack on Titan story, many were hoping for a season containing 24-25 episodes seeing as how there are many details and secrets yet to be unveiled. However, the anime’s official website had posted information on the number of episodes the season will contain.

Through a saddening revelation, fans had found out that the anime will contain only a total of 16 episodes. This was derived from the fact that the final season will include two Blu-ray volumes totaling 16 unreleased episodes. Nevertheless, this fourth and final season of Attack on Titan will not fail to continue in delivering fans their need for stunning storytelling and gorgeous artwork.