Argentinian Soccer Legend Diego Maradona Dead At 60

Near midday on November 25, 2020, Argentinian soccer player Diego Maradona passed away. A preliminary autopsy was conducted and ruled the cause of death to be heart failure. More specifically, the autopsy ruled he suffered from heart failure caused by pulmonary edema, an accumulation of fluid inside the lung’s tissue. He was recovering from brain surgery as he died in his sleep at age 60, in his home in Tigre, a province of Buenos Aires, Argentina. News of his death and the autopsy quickly spread throughout his home country, where he was beloved. Thousands of fans gathered at the Casa Rosada palace in Buenos Aires, where Maradona’s body was held. Several of his teammates have visited the body to say their goodbyes.

Diego Maradona has been revered and known as one of the greatest soccer players the world has seen. He made his professional debut shortly before he turned 16. As an experienced player, he became a world-renowned midfielder with the exceptional ability to create scoring chances for himself and his fellow players. He played in four World Cups for Argentina’s national team, and in 1986, he captained the team, leading them to victory in the finals against Germany. In his 91 international appearances for Argentina, he scored a total of 34 goals. In addition to this, he led club teams in Argentina, Spain, and Italy throughout his career. Despite his unquestioned talent, Maradona has long been a controversial player due to his abuse of drugs during his career, including a cocaine addiction in the 1980s. Diego Maradona announced his retirement in 1997. Problems in his life ensued when he was hospitalized in both 2000 and 2004 due to heart complications. Still, in 2008, he was hired as director of the national team of Argentina.