About Brian Sicknick: The Capitol Officer Who Sacrificed His Life

Updated: Feb 26

Brian Sicknick, a name that will stick with many after the tragic events on January 6, 2021. Many after his brave actions of trying to protect the capital took an unfortunate turn, and his valiant efforts have been commemorated by many.

According to his family, Brian had always wanted to become a police officer, even from a young age. Out of high school, Brian served for the New Jersey Air National Guard to become a police officer eventually.

In 2008, Brian Sicknick joined the United States Capitol Police or USCP for short. In his time with the USCP, he served as a first responder, always being on call if any issue arose.

January 6 brought an unforeseen sight to many of those working at the Capitol Hill building that day. A few hundred Capitol Police officers were tasked with stopping a mob of hundreds of pro-Trump rioters who attempted to storm into the building by any means necessary.

At one point or another, Brian got into an altercation with reportedly multiple rioters and unfortunately died the following day.

A homicide investigation has been opened for the murder of Brian Sicknick, but with little to no evidence or testimony, prosecutors are having a hard time building a case. Brian was the fifth person to have ever died involving a direct attack on the Capitol since 1952.

According to law enforcement that spoke with the Associated Press, Sicknick was hit in the head with a fire extinguisher. However, no official medical documentation has been revealed.

At this point, over 55 criminal cases have been opened by the Department of Justice, spanning from charges of unlawful entry, gun violations, assault, and an onslaught more are currently being filed.