A Tribute to Dior: A Luxury Art

Updated: Jan 27

Art, in all its forms, is an expression of our humanity. It is characterized by the imprints of our subconscious and traces of our memories. If you look closely, you can find it in the subtle poetry of novels or the smooth grooves of sculptures. Because it’s born out of the very core of what it means to be alive, it’s as timeless as we make it. One of its many layers, a tapestry woven from intelligence and emotion, is fashion.

The world of fashion is far too extensive to cover in a single reading, but some justice can be done in respect to one of the most famous fashion houses of its time: Christian Dior SE.

Creative Director of Dior women’s collections Maria Grazia Chiuri has proved her ingenuity time and time again, successfully outdoing herself every season. She is well aware that fashion, albeit its own artistic expression, encompasses all others within it, and that shines through each and every one of her collections.

When speaking about her work, she explains the importance of feminism in creative expression and cites inspirations such as Virginia Woolf and Susan Sontag.

In her search for influences from different cultures, she found the power of thought locks them through the empowerment of admiring such women in history. Dior’s website manages to perfectly encapsulate those overlapping layers of creativity and inspiration in the following quote:

“In a context that favors image, rediscovering the value of words can help creation, for the word, in its graphic form, is also a design.”

The foundation of feeling is, at its very core, thought. The art of demonstrating emotion is not limited to one skill or the other, and they are all intertwined. You may draw a line from the feeling to the words and find yourself having transformed the swift strokes making up the letters into a visual medium.

Another testament to her intersection of artistic forms was September’s Ready-to-wear Summer/Spring 2020-2021 show. The collection was accompanied by Catherine Simonpietri’s 9.3 ensemble. At the culmination of creative expression through color palettes and textured fabrics, the all-female choir proved an ineffable moment of power to the occasion. Diversity, empowerment, and a rich history all came to meet the disciplined voices and skilled compositions of music.

In other words, Dior— and particularly the genius of Maria Grazia Chiuri —has managed to highlight the multi-faceted expression of fashion through the intersection of artistic forms shown in its collections.