A Tribute to a Fallen Hero

On November 29th, only a few days before this article was written, Chadwick Boseman would have turned 44 years old. The late actor had passed away on August 28 after going through a four year battle with colon cancer. It had shocked and struck fans and friends to hear the tragic news as his illness was primarily concealed from the public. To commemorate the actor’s legacy, former actors and fans paid tribute to Boseman all across social media. Michael B. Jordan had written: “Continue watching over us King. Happy Birthday. Miss you.” under a black and white photo of the two hugging one another.

The South Carolina-raised actor’s talent was quickly recognized. He received assistance from individuals within the industry. Denzel Washington, for example, had funded Boseman along with other of his classmates in going to the Oxford Mid-Summer Program of the British American Drama Academy. He had given his condolences in an interview stating that Boseman was a “gentle soul” and “Who knew he didn't have much life left? But he didn't get cheated. We did," Washington said. "I pray for his poor wife and his family; they got cheated. But he lived a full life.

Phylicia Rashad had also shared a similar sentiment and referred to Chadwick Boseman as gentle as well. She noted: “I remember his unending curiosity and his love of study, studying many things all of the time. When I look back on his body of film work, and I have been able to see quite a bit of it in these last few weeks, it never ceases to amaze me how very different he is in every role. And the differences are subtle. They are not sweet rolled; they are not manipulated; they are not contrived. He presents a real person and persona in every character he plays.

The Walt Disney Co. had honored Chadwick Boseman by adding new opening characters to Black Panther on Disney+. It is essentially a montage of the actor’s work within the set while playing King T’Challa, more widely known as Black Panther. Within the scene, the Marvel logo is colored purple, and the chairman Bob Iger had posted a message on Twitter, reading “Long live the King...To all fans of Black Panther: watch the film on Disney Plus late tonight for a special tribute to someone that was and will always be near and dear to our hearts.”


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