About Us

Editor-in-chief: Ernest Prinstein Fernandez

Hi! My name is Ernest, but my close friends and family call me Tico. I go to Archimedean Upper Conservatory and am currently a sophomore there. In my free time, I like to write short stories and articles on platforms like Medium. I started this site because I noticed how Gen Z lack a professional platform to express their views in certain aspects of life, especially Miami. I'm very interested in writing for Arts & Culture and Student Life. 


Assistant Editor-In-Chief: Leah Tovar

Hello, my name's Leah, I'm 15 years old, and I go to Archimedean Upper Conservatory. My pronouns are she/her. I plan on writing for all sections of the newspaper, and help on leading this paper. I joined this newspaper to inform people my age through an unbiased platform. In my free time, I watch movies and tend to hang out with my friends. 

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Director of News: Rebecca Barnett

 Hi, my name is Rebecca Barnett; I am going to be writing about Social justice. In today’s society there are so many critical issues that I’d love to put on the fore-front of this paper. I am 15 years old and I want to be a lawyer one day. Currently I go to Miami Killian Senior High for their International Law Studies Academy. Hopefully, I can inspire others to enact change in society, and help others find a new interesting perspective.

Director of Arts & Entertainment: Krishna Shah

Hey, my name is Krishna Shah, and I'm currently 15 and attending high school in Miami, my pronouns being she/her. I'm a lover of the arts whether it be music, literature, theater, or drawing, and consider myself an artist who enjoys painting portraits of people. As a debater in Model United Nations, I definitely have strong opinions, especially for socioeconomic issues, but still want to hear different perspectives. With this interest, I've developed a love for travelling--though I can't really do that now--just fascinated by so many different cultures. In my (limited) free time, I have fun with friends, drawing, watching lets-plays and true crime/anime shows. I'll be writing on arts and culture, and hopefully more, so stay tuned! 

If you want a weekly dose of art, follow: @kinda_sorta_sketchy


Director of Health & Body: Karoline Bastien

Hi all! My name is Karoline and I am so excited to embark on this creative journey allowing me to express my views and opinions on current issues. As a sophomore in high school I'm still working on improving myself and my writing as well, growing up in a country where social injustice is a vivid issue I've found myself advocating for solutions. I am hopeful that my work will be able inspire and transcend meaningful messages to many. On the lighter side I enjoy skincare and giving out a few tips. I am not a professional but I have a basic understanding of the necessities. You’ll see me write from issues in Nigeria to the importance of self-love. More about me is that I am a huge fan of C-Pop, R&B, Afropop and alternative music. During my occasional free time I enjoy writing poems and short stories in French, watching Netflix and reading the Percy Jackson series

Lead Publicist: Lux Vargas

Hi everyone! I’m Lux, a sophomore and the social media manager for the Student Independent team! I love to act and sing, and have been performing since the age of five. Literature, education, and the arts mean the world to me, and I believe they’re the key to building a community of valuable voices like yours! As social media manager, I’m going to do everything I can to involve you, our readers, and to make your ideas and feedback heard. I can’t wait to interact with all of you through our Instagram and TikTok, and I’m so excited for what’s to come from this project.

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Breanna Marie: Managing Editor

Cuban-American who was raised in Miami, Florida. Breanna is a high-school honors law student with an enormous passion for philosophy, law and politics; Is a current follower of the philosophy “Objectivism” created by Ayn Rand. Later in life aspires to become an attorney for the state of New York in hopes of reforming the current legal system through the use of philosophy. 

Journalist/Asst. Publicist: Alexandra Hurst

Hey! I’m Alex and my pronouns are she/her. I’m a sophomore at Pinecrest Prepatory High. In my free time, I do theatre and listen to all kinds of music! I also am always on TikTok and Instagram. That's part of the reason why I’m assistant social media manager! I will also be writing articles! I’m very passionate about fighting climate change and advocating for LGBT rights! So, I will mostly be writing about current events and student news.

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Journalist: Chloe Placensia

Hi! I’m Chloe! I’m a sophomore at Biotech Highschool. I love to dance and ballet is my favorite style of dance. I danced on a competition team for 4 years and then I moved to a ballet school where I got en pointe. I would be writing articles, mostly for the beauty & health and arts & culture sections. 

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Journalist: Paola Abad

Hi, I am Paola, and I am a sophomore at Archimedean Upper Conservatory. I have grown to be a city gal myself with a love of traveling, and I enjoy doing photography and editing videos in my free time. I will be writing for the health and body section, and I can’t wait to get across important messages about fitness and wellness. Whenever I can, I try to volunteer at local parks and beach cleanups, and I firmly believe in giving everyone a fair chance in achieving their dreams.


Journalist: Sabrina Martinez

 Hi! I’m Sabrina and I am a freelance writer for TSI. I’m a sophomore at Archimedean Upper Conservatory and in my free time I like to watch movies, and spend time with my friends. I’m a big Harry Potter, Marvel and Star Wars fan and I love to travel. I look forward to outdoor activities like zip lining, caving, white water rafting, and hiking on my yearly trips to Georgia, North Carolina or Tennessee. I’m so excited to share my articles with you all!


Journalist: Karol Morales

My name is Karol Morales I'm 16 years old and in love with spirituality as well as politics. Both very opposing topics but I find myself being strongly attracted to them. My love for politics has come from a young age because of the teaching from my family. One day I hope to work in a high role of the government where I'm able to help people of my community. I also strongly vouch for the planet and saving the ecosystem because I follow a pescatarian diet. I just hope to change the world at some point in my life.

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Columnist: George Tsoucalas

Welcome to the anime column of the Student Independent Newspaper. This column will cover various topics across the anime world, from upcoming anime to potential adaptations. In my column, I will give my honest opinion with zero bias to any and every anime to provide you with the best possible recommendations and content. All in all, if you’ve just started watching anime and need some pointers or you are a seasoned veteran and want updates on what comes out when then this is the page for you. 


Columnist: L

Hi! I'm L! I started this blog as a way to share my thoughts and life with others! I love fashion and sharing my life and thoughts and a blog and podcast was the perfect way to do just that! I live in Miami and am currently in high school. I do a lot is traveling which i feel that changes my perspective on a lot of things as i get a international view on them. I originally started my style journey and interest on Instagram, and decided that a blog would be another great way to get my thoughts and ideas out!

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Journalist: Christian Petraitis

Hi, my name’s Christian Petraitis, and I write articles for current events and student life. I’m in the 10th grade and I go to Pinecrest Preparatory High. I’m currently 16 years old. To describe me in one sentence, I’m a nerd. I usually spend my time playing video games, binging YouTube videos, and just generally surfing the internet. I also occasionally binge Netflix, but not nearly as much. I also have an express interest in politics, and am always happy to get into a conversation about it. I hope to touch on local politics when writing for The Student Independent.


Columnist: Fernanda Ovalle

Hi, I’m Fernanda, the short story writer and curator for our Arts and Entertainment column. I’m currently a sophomore who write about as often as she breathes— or at least when I’m not working through my bottomless to-be-read pile. The best inspiration for art and literature is often found in current events and daily life, so I hope I can share my own experiences working with that here. 


Columnist: Juan Astigarrabia

Hi! I’m Juan Astigarrabia, a sophomore at Pinecrest Preparatory High. Since I have a big interest in the medical field, once I saw that the Student Independent had a section for health and body, I immediately signed on. Since the COVID-19 pandemic has become an ever-present force to be reckoned with, I’ll be writing some occasional updates on how the virus will affect certain aspects on society, or any other important developments on the global situation. My love of history also plays a role into the way I’ll write about medicine, since I’d love to educate people about the way certain treatments, diseases, or even previous epidemics, have evolved throughout history (as well as any new innovations that come along). I hope to show readers the complex past, and the emerging future, of health and medicine.